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I wasn’t familiar with the name, but Paul Salamunovich was a conductor and you can read about him here

Here’s another fascinating story:

“I approached his bed,” Dr. Lauridsen remembers, “and whispered in his ear, ‘Paul, your composer is here. Please wake up so you can conduct the O Magnum Mysterium and Lux Aeterna again.’ “

“When I said those words, and each time I mentioned the names of those pieces that I had written for him that he premiered and recorded with the LA Master Chorale, his right arm went up (still attached to tubes) and his hand began waving in the air, as if he were conducting these pieces. The very mention of those works caused him to physically respond even while in a deep coma.”

“It was a profound and magical moment that I, his wife Dottie and the attending nurse will never forget.”

I read it here.

Wow. I need to remember that even someone who appears not to hear a thing just might be understanding me. I wish I had thought of that when my father and mother were in their last days.

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Philip Stopford: The Spirit of the Lord
Truro Cathedral

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Daniel Schreiner: Fear Not
Central Washington University Chamber Choir