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We’ve now had three rehearsals for the opera Don Giovanni. I finally feel as if I know what an oboe is. One week of no playing can sure throw me off!

I really love “Don G”. It’s fun to play, and it has very little to worry about for oboes. Mozart is just so darn perfect!

If you are a student and are interested in attending take note:

Don Giovanni — Student Discount Tickets offered by Opera San Jose
Any student age 25 or under with a current student ID can purchase a ticket to any performance for only $11; available by advance purchase online (www.operasj.com, enter “Student” as Promo Code) or by phone (408-437-4450), or in person on the day of performance starting 90 minutes before curtain at the California Theatre (345 So First St, San Jose)

If you want to watch and listen to the entire opera online, I’m sure you can find things on YouTube. I’m just not sure if there’s one there that’s been put up legally so I won’t post the full opera here. I did see this Royal Opera House video, though, and since they posted it I’m assuming they are fine with sharing. It gives you the story. It can be done in many different ways, so who knows what OSJ is doing?! Certainly not I.

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Again, Bart Schneemann … in costume no less.

Well, a crown, anyway.

But shouldn’t ALL double reed players wear crowns? I think so!

Oh, and for any who are thinking “That oboe looks odd!”, it’s a d’amore. (As was the prior video.) It’s an instrument I adore, but sadly don’t own. I can’t justify the cost, considering how infrequently it’s required.

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I’ve always loved Schneemann’s musicality on oboe, d’more and English horn. he’s just great on all of them! Hope you enjoy this, which I just located, although it’s been on YouTube since 2012. This is the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, with Dorian Cooke on Bassoon.

Update Oops … posted the wrong link. Here you go:

And here is the erroneously posted one, in case you were wondering what I put up first:

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… or anywhere else, for that matter.

$100 for this abomination. It includes 5 single reeds.

Don’t try it, folks! I had something similar a long time ago. Someone gave it to me as a joke of sorts. Sadly I gave it away. I sure wish I’d held on to it. It’s great to use for April 1st. That’s the only time it’s useful though. Trust me.


Many thanks to Marsha Burkett for bringing this to my attention! 🙂

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No one ever plays, like, the oboe or the trombone in a crowd. No imagination.