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Classical music gets a bum rap these days. It’s perceived as the thing only your grandparents listen to yet its the backbone to almost every great move ever made. B-Classic, a Belgian music festival which promotes classical music is out with a new video that asks us to envision classical music differently.

We all know a great video can vastly increase the appeal of a piece of music. MTV knew that and built a business on it. Now that’s YouTube’s job. But we digress.

Check out this video in which cheerleaders and hot pants-clad hotties shake their booties to Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco as if they were in a hip hop video.

I read it here.

I watched a few seconds worth of the thing. The “dancing” was so wrong for the music I couldn’t continue. I won’t post the video here, because for me it just seems trashy. I don’t put things up here that I find questionable or trashy

Yes. I’m old.

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