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I have this thing about reed cases. I want them to stay like new. Of course that’s rather difficult to do, but at one point I used to sew cloth cases just to keep them looking nicer. How silly can I be? THAT silly!

Or even sillier. But oh well!

Right now I’m on the hunt for a new case that has the wire clip type holders. I love those. I bought one years ago at a local dealer, but they stopped carrying them. The latches on that case are fried so I have to use rubber bands to hold it shut, and it’s pretty beat up in any case. I occasionally go on a “reed case hunt” online. These days I’m not finding the kind I want. Are the wire clips that uncommon, I wonder?

I DID run across a site that has a number of cases. One of them (the typical ribbon holder sort) has “Semi-professionale Oboe reed case” written underneath.

Hmm. What makes a reed case “semi-professional” I wonder?

By the way, if you buy the “mandrel” sort, be cautious! They don’t all hold the reeds securely. I had students using those (the plastic ones are very inexpensive so they are provided by the stores that rent oboes) and they’d open the little case and all the reeds’ tips were damaged horribly. Sad stuff. Just don’t even bother. Trust me.

Ooh … I see that there is a double sided case that holds reeds in the clip fashion here. I wonder, though, about the double-sided. I prefer to access my oboe and English horn reeds on one side, for the most part, since I frequently double. I’ll have to ponder.

And $110.00!!?? Yikes!

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