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I just think this is nice to hear on a nice afternoon.

Gabriel Faure: Pavean
Carion (live)

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A friend, Maura Lafferty, is compiling information about flying with instruments. Here’s what she wrote:

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey about your experience performing and traveling with your instrument. There are fewer than 25 questions, and the data from the anonymous responses will be used to develop new options for musicians traveling on airplanes. Click here for survey.

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How about we wake up to some Ligeti, played by the amazing group, Carion?

I’m not always one for movement and music, but this group SHOWS you what the music is doing. They are just incredible!

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Wow … he’s had one long career!

A living legend in the Bay Area classical music community has announced he is retiring. Art Barnes has conducted the Livermore-Amador Symphony for 50 years.


I met “Dr. Barnes” (as I knew him then) when I was sixteen and went to a music camp with Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra. I played the Mozart Oboe Quartet and he was incredibly complimentary. I will never forget his encouragement there!

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It’s that time of year. My seniors start leaving me. Sigh.

Students say goodbye in a variety of ways. Some simply disappear. Others write a quick email and that’s that. Some bring me a gift and write wonderful cards. The cards warm my heart very much. I can usually predict who will do what, but not always.

So far this year two have had their last lessons and I have one more who will be leaving soon, I’m sure. I’ve taught some of these students for eight years. I’ve grown to love them and I’ve watched them grow from little children whose feet can barely reach the floor to wonderful young adults. I connected well with some, others not so much. That’s just the way it is. But I’ve loved every one and I always hate saying goodbye.

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My cat hates the clarinet. But it turns out she hates the oboe even more.