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I just saw this video and read about the situation …

If you want to help this young oboist go here

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but it does sound sort of drone-y.

Drone pioneer KMel Robotics has made quite the name for itself by demonstrating just what the burgeoning technology of automated flying drones can accomplish.

In the latest video released on Thursday, KMel have demonstrated the power and versatility of the hex-rotor drone design by having an orchestra of the little flying machines play rousing renditions of favourite classical tunes.


As fascinating as this is, you simply can’t get the sound of a symphony orchestra with this. It sounds like a rock band playing classical music … or something.

And so our national anthem is considered a classical tune? This I didn’t know!

and it made me laugh.

The girl who lives above me plays oboe and is playing the same piece I am for juries (except you know, for like oboe not trumpet)

So I picked up my trumpet and we’re playing a duet now.

I’m annoying my neighbors on several different levels

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This just in …

We are having a Double Reed Summer Camp at Sacramento State, starting Monday evening, July 7th. The age groups include grade school (must be playing instrument for 3 months) through 22 yrs. old. This camp will be run by Bocal Majority. They have run these camps successfully for more than 10 years throughout the U.S. But this is the first time in Northern CA, so we’re thrilled!

There will be a faculty concert, students concerts, chamber music, large group ensembles, reed making for the older groups, and various classes throughout the week. We divide the students into two groups – younger/less experienced and older/more experienced. The deadline for registration is May 1, however you can certainly register after that, but there is a $25 late fee.

Here is the link to the Bocal Majority enrollment forms. Clink on the Northern CA link and do look around their web site for examples of the activities.

Bocal Majority Enrollment Forms

Should be great fun – hope we’ll see you there! – Deborah Shidler

Deb Shidler is the oboe instructor at Sac State … and also a friend of mine and very fine oboist!

… to me, anyway!

Zefiro Ensemble Mozart Gran Partita

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Don’t hate the player, hate the oboe.

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The Minnesota Orchestra will once again make music with Osmo Vanska.

The orchestra’s board of directors on Thursday gave Vanska a two-year contract that will have him lead at least 10 weeks of concerts for each of the next two seasons.

The 61-year-old native of Finland resigned in October after a decade as the orchestra’s music director — and a year into a lockout of the musicians during bitter contract negotiations.

But when the 16-month lockout ended in January, rumors of Vanska’s return began circulating. And during its first post-lockout performances in February, the orchestra was greeted with shouts from the audience of “Bring back Osmo.”

Meanwhile, Vanska had said he would like to come back if orchestra president and CEO Michael Henson stepped down. Last month, Henson said he would do just that, announcing he would resign in August — a decision that led to the resignations of several other board members, too.