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(Said in your best chicken voice!)

Thian Carman’s chickens lay bigger eggs when he plays them classical music.

He knows this for a fact because of a recent experiment he carried out for a high school science fair project.

Thian, 15, possibly Nova Scotia’s youngest registered farmer, has 67 laying hens on his farm in Barton and sells about 40 dozen eggs a week.

For his experiment he took ten chickens and put them in individual cages, and then for two weeks he fed and watered them as normal and measured the weight and size of every egg.

Then he subjected the ten chickens to country music for two weeks and measured the eggs.

Finally he played classical music to the chickens for two weeks and measured every egg.

His records show a slight increase in size and weight when the chickens listened to country music but a more significant increase when they listened to classical music.


I did an experiment with plants when I was in high school. Some “heard” rock, some classical, and some nothing.

Nothing happened.

I don’t remember what music I played, though. Nor do I remember if I was really diligent about it. That was FAR too long ago!

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Free time is like a great oboe player: both are mythical.