Trying to crawl out of a $1.2 million cash deficit, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is rolling out a new series of concerts aimed at attracting a younger, somewhat more red-eyed audience.

Their new concerts, entitled “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series,” invite local patrons to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) and toke along while listening to some classical sounds.


I will refrain from commenting here.

Dan thought maybe it was a joke.

Nope. Just go to this page and read about it.


  1. Miriam Kapner

    It’s true, it does sound crazy. But after having lived here in Denver for the past five years, I have watched the salaries of the CSO get slashed annually. The city does not support this amazing group. I think they are trying to reach out to a new part of the community in order to survive. Whether you agree or not, recreational pot is legal here, and the tax revenues have been substantial. If the CSO can benefit, I am all for it, especially if it enables their survival.

  2. I always have mixed feelings when we go after new people, Miriam. As long as the quality of performance isn’t lowered … as long as standards aren’t dismissed for a quick sale, I can deal. I’ve never smoked marijuana, so I have no idea if it mixes well with symphonic music or not. Can’t really judge one way or the other on that. I just fear we will do absolutely anything for a sale.