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Very fun stuff! Many thanks to Bob Hubbard for bringing it to my attention! 🙂

It’s a battle, I tell ya!

I’m a high school student about to turn 16, and my parents are giving me the option of buying a car or an English horn (a musical instrument related to the oboe, for those that don’t know); they both cost about the same amount. I’m a serious oboist/musician and I plan to continue my music studies in college in a double major of music performance and something in the medical field. I would obviously like to have both, but that’s be not an option haha. Any guidance would be appreciated

Hmmm. No mention of chocolate, though. That’s a pity. 😉

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Denver city officials on Thursday are delivering a major buzz kill to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

The CSO drew international attention last week when it announced plans for a trio of bring-your-own-marijuana performances starting May 23 at the Space Gallery in the Santa Fe arts district. The series is called “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.”

In a letter hand-delivered Thursday, the city instructs: Call off the events, or risk violating state and city laws barring public pot smoking and consumption of edible marijuana.

The letter, prepared by city attorneys along with licensing and police officials, urges the CSO to cancel the concerts. But it doesn’t stop there.

Should the orchestra ignore the city’s instructions, the letter says: “We will exercise any and all options available to the City of Denver to halt the event.”

Addressed to CSO President Jerry Kern, it’s signed by Stacie Loucks, director of Denver’s Excise & Licenses Department. The letter was set to be delivered to CSO by 2 p.m.

Gee, those officials are just no fun at all.

Or something.


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I love teaching and I love my students and I love that Tommy’s cat is named oboe and eats TP