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It’s happened a few times now. Not only recently, but in the past as well. Students who are going off to college inform me that their parents won’t allow them to play oboe while in college.


While I understand why some parents might not encourage children to go into music, why in the world are they forbidden to play while in college? It won’t harm them. It very well could help them. After spending six or seven years with me, they suddenly get the oboe taken away? This seems so darn unfair. And unkind.

If I were a student with such a controlling parent I think I’d go to the music department at the college and see if I could sign up for band or orchestra despite being told I am not allowed. Is that horrible of me? Oh dear. I suppose so! I don’t like to encourage disobedience, and I would never tell students to do this, but once a person goes off to college I think they should be allowed to make their own decisions.

Music. Good for the soul. Good for the brain. Good for SO much.

Double sigh.

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I was surprised to be hired for a few things this summer. Surprised AND delighted! I’ll be playing Streetcar Named Desire with Merola, and later I get to go up to the fantastic town of Mendocino and play two of the three orchestra concerts. The latter has me very excited, because I love that area. Believe me, I’ll be busy with a camera when I’m not busy with the oboe and English horn.

Another big change is that I am no longer employed by UCSC. I resigned, having decided the drive was too much for the one or, in rare instances, two students I had. These past two years, in fact, I had no students at all for most quarters. When that happens I could get asked to play concerts. I simply don’t have time to drive over that hill to play concerts with a university orchestra. So I’m finished with the school. I’ll miss the few colleagues I met there, but I was never fully connected. That’s the life of an adjunct. I know it’s just that way it works, but it was frustrating.

I was going to post a few photos of Mendocino, but I’m having blog issues these days. Apparently I’m using up too much space in the internet world. Or something. Images won’t post here. So never mind … for now. (I’ll keep trying, of course. I want you to see why I’m so excited about Mendocino!)

Update: as you can see, the photos are now appearing. See what I mean about Mendo?!





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Some dude was playing Gershwin on an oboe on the N train just now. That’s a new one.