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… you know, the kind that is being played these days. Not for a Super Bowl ring, but for a World Cup trophy … here is a compilation of composers for each of the countries still in the games. Check it out. Listen. Enjoy!

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My Facebook friend, Jane Owens, posted this on Facebook. I don’t think I need to explain anything …

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 8.13.42 PM

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I just read this:

The oboe was the first woodwind instrument to be included in the orchestras of the 17th century. It has a distinct nasal voice that is the highest pitched of the three double-reed instruments in the orchestra. The name oboe comes from the French hautbois, meaning “strong,” “high,” or “loud…

Okay … “three double-reed instruments” … I’m stumped. What might they mean? We have oboe, d’amore, English horn, bassoon, contrabassoon … so which three are we talking about? Oh … bagpipe too. 😉

This was read here, at the Encyclopaedia Brittanica Kids site.

Yeah, I have a bit of free time as I watch the Giants lose try to win WIN (must think positively, right?!

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This seemed like a good time to post this, since it’s “football” season (otherwise known as soccer) … the “Würzburg Kickers” are a football team. In Würzburg. Of course.

It made me smile. And isn’t it funny how fantastic a group can sound when playing outdoors with no shell? 😉

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How To Make A Hit Pop Song … sorry, folks, no oboe, but the next best thing …

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Oboe players develop the skills of meticulosity, perfectionism and attention to detail. #Oboe #music #musiced #education #hope #savemusic