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I know mine have. I’ve always enjoyed classical music, but my taste in other music has certainly changed over the years, and even the “classical” (used in that general way, not in the era way) music I favor has changed over time.

Teenagers who dispair of their parents’ music tastes should beware – their own musical preferences are likely to follow the same path.
Researchers at the University of Cambridge believe they unravelled how a preference for Teenage Kicks can evolve into a love for Moonlight Sonata.

They have identified three distinct musical ages that people pass through as they mature – intense, contemporary and sophisticated.

For example, teenagers use “intense” music such as punk and metal to establish their identity, but as their lifestyles change, so do their music choices.

As they move into early adulthood, interest in intense music decreases and a preference for “contemporary” music such as pop and rap rises.

This corresponds to a shift in lifestyle to where people are socialising far more in bars, clubs and at parties where uplifting and danceable music tends to be played.

However, the preference for contemporary music plateaus in early middle age and individuals start to like sophisticated music like jazz and classical.

The scientists say this marks a shift to a more solitary expression of our intellect, status and greater emotional maturity.



That’s okay. You’ll probably agree when you get older. 😉

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From the YouTube page:
As part of the 2014 East Neuk classical music festival in Scotland, Sand in Your Eye created a sand drawing portrait of the composer Franz Schubert. The film was captured on a Go Pro 3 camera on a DJI Phantom Quadcopter.

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When someone describes an oboe and says “its like a clarinet” I want to stab myself with my reed