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IF this works, you can bet it’ll be a stress reliever for so many. I will be attending the IDRS convention again this year. Guess what I’ll be looking for first?! Legere already makes sax, clarinet and bassoon reeds. They were saving the best for last, maybe?! (How did I miss this last year in Redlands? Oh … yeah … I was so overwhelmed I missed nearly everything!)

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I found it difficult to read the text, but I enjoyed this video. K. Ge sent me a few reeds some time ago, and I thought they were pretty fine for machine made reeds, but didn’t quite suit my embouchure. I pulled one out yesterday that I hadn’t used and gave it to a student and she really liked it a lot. Funny how that goes! This is why I rarely toss reeds that don’t work for me: they might be just right for someone else.

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When playing Rock Band last night I nailed the English Horn part from Olivia Newton John’s “Have You Never Been Mellow”