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… because I occasionally need to remind kids of this, and I hope some finally read and catch on. (Mind you, only a very few kids look at this blog, and all are oboe players, I’m sure … but the TQOD is from an oboe playing kiddo so I think this is something to put up here.)

Y are all these oboe players so fake?

Let’s blame the reeds, okay? 😉

But seriously, I see who you are, so it’s possible whoever you are referring to will see it as well. C’mon folks, be smart. No one needs to make enemies … or do they?! Maybe kids think enemies are cool? I wonder sometimes.

Speaking of that (or writing of that), I must admit that this “tweeter” had some other amazingly awful things written, with language, including the “n word”, that was fairly horrible. I had recently visited a local high school Facebook page (a local high school that is one of the top in the country), put together by the 2014 graduating class, that had equally horrifying things in it. Had I been the sort that liked to ruin kids’ lives, I could have gotten some kicked out of their colleges for next year. I’m really surprised that kids still haven’t caught on that using racist or otherwise offensive terms can get them in a huge amount of trouble.

Be kind. Watch what you write. Be SMART! Pretty please?

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it’s okay, I hate the oboe as much as any professional oboe player can. It’s very bad.

(If I hated the oboe, I’d find a different profession!)

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Looks like the sections all make videos, which is pretty darn cool! Here are the woodwinds …

FLUTE (Ane we get to see Annie Wu!)




But, well, I like the cello one the best. 🙂

But you know what?! Mostly I’m just so moved by seeing these excellent young musicians. It makes my heart happy. To see them all go here

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It’s hard for non-oboe players to realize how much of a difference a reed can make