Do keep alert and look for this oboe! This is from Katherine Needleman:

My Yamaha oboe 841 Duet Model was taken from inside its case cover (oboe and its hard case stolen) from Le Square Phillips Hotel in Montreal QB this morning the 19th around 10:45am. Also stolen were an apple laptop and ipad. The oboe is unusual in that it does not have a serial number as it was a prototype. I have been playing it exclusively for the past seven years. $1000US reward for the return of my dear oboe; couldn’t care less about the electronics. Please share widely.

If you have any info feel free to contact me at patty oboe [at] me [dot] com. If I hear directly from her with her direct contact information I’ll fill you in on that.


  1. I hope her oboe is found unharmed. This is really terrible for any player. She’s one of my favorite oboists.

  2. [Word edited out … sorry, Anna. I hope you will be okay with this!]– this is the second stolen oboe in Montreal this summer!

    Best of luck to her. I can’t imagine the stress of having your instrument disappearing like that.