The Nutcracker, the December cash cow of ballet companies everywhere, will be performed without live music, a blow to Symphony Silicon Valley, which has played for BSJ for many years, as well as to audiences.


I was incredibly sorry to read this news, which came as quite a shock as I had not heard that this was a possibility. I knew the ballet company was struggling, and I expected to have them cancel live music in some shows and have cutbacks in others, but to cancel all live music in The Nutcracker hit hard.

I can’t imagine having to dance to a tape. There is no give and take, no adjusting to different dancer’s. If a dancer has a slight timing issue our conductor watches and follows that. Obviously a tape won’t do that.

Mostly, though, I hope the ballet company can get back on its feet and survive. The arts in San José struggle far too often for such a wealthy area. It’s a frustrating thing for all of us in this profession, and I think it shows San José (and the Silicon Valley) in a poor light. The arts are vital.

Yes, I’m biased. But still ….

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  1. It was especially disappointing to find this out by seeing it in the press. I realize there are new people involved, but the Symphony’s relationship with the Ballet, counting all previous incarnations of each, goes back to 1986, yet even our management apparently didn’t get a heads-up.