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The run of Wicked ended yesterday. It was a three week run of twenty-four performances — certainly not the longest run I’ve done, nor was it the shortest. I think they could have stayed longer, as it appeared the hall was full for nearly every performance, and the crowds loved it.

Musically it isn’t the most challenging thing, and it’s not the most rewarding either, but it was fun. The “boys in the band” (no women) were great fun, easy to be with, and very kind. I don’t think I saw them get disgusted with my mistakes even once. Of course if I made any stupid mistake I tended to not look up! I don’t believe I made any huge mistakes that caused major problems for the singers and I doubt the audience would know. I just want to be perfect, is all. As I tell my students, “I don’t ask for much, only perfection!”

Okay. About that.

No, I really don’t expect them to be perfect. They know I’m teasing. But of course our goal is to reach that unreachable (at least for me) goal of absolute perfection. That includes making it “music” rather that “just math” (sorry to all the mathematicians out there!). When things click into place and it all feels right it can be glorious. I love those rare but wonderful moments!

I will miss my little pit place™. I will miss my pitpals™ as well. But now it’s on to the final two performances of Rigoletto with Opera San José, and next week it’s Symphony Silicon Valley.

It’s great to back to work. It’s fun to see all of my colleagues again. It’s super to be making music with friends. Getting a paycheck is rather nice, too.

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