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Just for fun … (but can he make an oboe reed?!)

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Why YES, in fact!

Woo hoo! We just received this news, and being a LOTR fan I’m pretty happy!

Oh, ye lovers of Frodo and Gandalf, pay attention to the awesome news from Middle Earth: In a cultural coup for the West Coast, the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy will be screened in its entirety in San Jose next April, with the original score performed live by Symphony Silicon Valley.

The film showings will be in HD on a giant screen, while the orchestra’s 90 musicians and 160 choristers perform the music from the soundtrack in sync with the films.

“The logistics are huge. It’s the biggest project we’ve ever done,” said Andrew Bales, president of Symphony Silicon Valley, which will present two cycles of the trilogy at the Center for the Performing Arts, with separate screenings for each of the three films over a four-day period, April 16-19, on a 48-by-20-foot screen.

Read the whole thing!

LOTR SSV site.

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conversation with non oboist continued: “Why are you soaking that? Oh wait you play the oboe! Do you tie your own reeds? That’s so dope.”

I think he/she meant, “You are such a dope!” 😉 Kidding, kidding ….)