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Sadly I missed the video at 5:00 today, due to my teaching schedule, but I just realized that Indiana’s Jacobs School Of Music has the opera available to watch. Click this link and you’ll see the opera in a little link below. If you click that the video appears.

The overture begins at a speedier tempo than I’m used to. I notice, though, that the oboist manages to play her solo slightly slower. We are doing it in a subdivided three, so it’s slower. I’m happy about that.

If I could recommend one thing to young oboists it would be to learn how to double tongue!

Okay. Maybe that’s not true. I might recommend something else. But trust me when I saw that no matter how fast your tongue is as a younger player, it will slow down. Really.

Anyway, I will continue to listen until I need to get to bed … so far I’m really enjoying their performance! What fine students! And they have the subtitles for us too. Wonderful!

(Please remember these are students … I’m hearing some voices that might not be quite ready for prime time, but they are young.)

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