27. December 2014 · Comments Off on Claude Frank 1925-2015 · Categories: Losses

I’m very sorry to read of the death of Claude Frank. I have many wonderful memories of playing Mozart with him, as well as with his late wife (who died in 2004), Lilian Kalir. Fine musicians, the both of them.

27. December 2014 · Comments Off on Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho · Categories: Photos, Teaching

I’m back to work this morning. Yep, already. I have three students today, one of whom is new. A week off would have been nice, but with no Nutcracker income I felt the need to take students who wanted lessons during the holidays. At least I hope they want these lessons. I do wonder if it was actually the parents! But in any case, I really do love to teach, and I look forward to seeing “my” kids, beginning in less than an hour. (I also hope the ringing in my ears stops soon: we went to The MeshugaNutcracker last night, and while it was great fun, they were miked a bit too loud and my ears are punishing me this morning. I should have thought to bring earplugs!)

Here … have some flowers! I continue to marvel at the beauty around me. I doubt that will ever change.