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Do watch the whole thing … toward the end there’s a bit of a surprise.

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I think there’s an aspect of him inspired by Dudamel. Dudamel came up through a youth system (Venezuela’s El Sistema), and we liked the idea that [TV show character name] didn’t come up from privilege.

Hm. I’m wondering if people think most musicians “come up from privilege”. I know I didn’t. Of course I’m no Dudamel! I will readily admit that I’m not as talented, not at all famous, and not, at this point, as wealthy as he must currently be.

But really, how many wealthy people do you know who opted for a career in music? I know there are some, but …? Granted, coming into music from an extremely poor position is rare as well, since acquiring and instrument and taking lessons can be rather costly.

But no, I didn’t come from wealth: my father was a middle school teacher, my mother a stay-at-home mom, and they raised four children in a home that is smaller than the one in which I currently live with only one other person (although we did raise our three kids in this place). Of course I readily admit that growing up in the US is, in so many ways, a life of privilege for so many compared to so much of the rest of the world.

But here’s the thing: I love my job.

It’s a privilege.