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Is it completely different to work with an oboist? [compared to a singer]

It’s not as different as you’d think. They are both delicate things, I would say, with the inclination, courage even, to be penetrating.

What a fun thing to watch and listen to! I love the thing about us not breathing. I tell my students we can play for “miles” and that flutists go crazy because of us … one told me once “you make me look bad!” As I tell my kids, though, th epoor flutists are blowing out into th stratosphere and we are blowing through a tiny reed that only takes so much air. They run out of oxygen. We run “into” carbon dioxide.

Oh … and that throwing the instruments across the room. Yikes!

Now to ramble as I watch …

Good viola joke around 20:54 😉

How about the part about being insecure, eh? (around 43:00)

… and now I’m at “A Time for Us” which is a song that came out when I was in middle school and boy does that bring back memories!

Plus I just learned of a work I didn’t know: Liebesruf eines Faun, for English horn & piano – Hans Steinmetz. Nice!

(I don’t eat lamb, so that part wasn’t to my heart’s delight, but AH, Mayer’s playing IS to my heart’s delight and I would just love to meet that man some day. Doubtful it’ll ever happen, but I feel as if I’ve met him through his music.)

But really, what a fun video. All 58:58 of it! Please watch it! SO much truth.

Now I’ve finished … wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL!

Trio d’Anches by Jutta Carstensen

Michel Hoffmann, Oboe
Philippe David, Bassoon
Christophe Dravers, Clarinet

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I have a rehearsal this morning for the work I’m posting below. I’m so excited to be playing this with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra. The concert is tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM. Hope you can make it!

You might see some familiar faces below. I know I did!

Wagner: Siegfried Idyll
New Century Chamber Orchestra

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An important life lesson I learned while playing the oboe growing up was that no one ever notices the oboe when it’s playing in tune with the rest of the orchestra, but everyone recognizes it when it hits the wrong note.

*FBQD = Facebook Quote of the Day. I rarely can find these these days, as Facebook forced a website called “Open Book” to close down because they were so concerned about privacy issues. (Yes, I laugh as I type that!)