I recently posted something on Facebook about a quandary I had. Because I’m in two groups I sometimes have to choose between the two. I have that situation coming up, as Opera San José and Symphony Silicon Valley have a conflict. I posted a little note on Facebook, asking what others were doing. Someone posted a response that implied I was rather fortunate to be in such a predicament. She was certainly right, but what was written caused me to worry a bit.

I’m curious how others deal with this. Is it inappropriate to post that we have work? Does it make others angry? Envious? Sad? Should one never write about work? That seems a bit over the top to me, but I wonder.

Quite some time ago I had seen someone rage against people who wrote at all about their work, saying it was inconsiderate. The writer also said that people who wrote about work were bragging.

I never have viewed it in that way. I’m happy with other musicians have work. I take joy in hearing about what they are up to. I might have a twinge of envy sometimes, but for the most part I let that go. It’s a deliberate choice on my part: I hate envy and jealousy. I rejoice with those who have work. I feel for those who don’t. (“Mourn with those who mourn.”)

But I took my post down. I felt badly that I may have caused hurt to someone else.


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Susan LaBarr: Grace Before Sleep
East Carolina University Chamber Singers; Dr. Andrew Crane, conductor

Grace Before Sleep

How can our minds and bodies be
Grateful enough that we have spent
Here in this generous room, we three,
This evening of content?
Each one of us has walked through storm
And fled the wolves along the road;
But here the hearth is wide and warm,
And for this shelter and this light
Accept, O Lord, our thanks to-night.

Sara Teasdale (1884-1933(

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Roman Hurko: Holy God
Vydubychi Church Choir; Volodymyr Viniar, Conductor