29. January 2015 · Comments Off on Number One Is Done · Categories: Opera, Ramble

The first orchestra only opera rehearsal (one of two) for Opera San Jose?’s Where Angels Fear to Tread is over. It’s always good to get through that and see what I have in my fingers and what I don’t. It’s also good to get the actual tempi we will be playing. Trouble is, I simply don’t have a fast tongue and a “sparkling” section is going to be a challenge for me! Here is my poem for you today:

I recommend
to all the young:
please teach yourself
to double tongue!


Of course in that instance is more about the E flat to F fingering … just darn awkward when it has to be repeated like that.

I was pleased that some spots on which I spent a good amount of time worked pretty well. There is still one section that needs more work to make me comfortable, and I spent more time on that this afternoon. I will continue to work on it, of course. Over. And over. And over. I simply HAVE to have it in my fingers so very well that when the nerves kick in — and they probably will — my fingers take over and make it work! In this section the start is fun, but it’s that last measure —— those leaps at tempo can be a bit of a challenge. Silly half hole!


I was happy to note that the one section with the high F#s was just fine. In addition, no one would hear me if they weren’t: the entire orchestra is blasting away at that point. Still, I have my pride so I worked on that section a ton and have it in the “fingerbrains” now.

I think it’ll be a good opera. I really should see if I can get to a piano tech … unless that’s already happened: I’d like to see it if possible, as I love knowing what’s going on on stage. (I’m unable to see one thing due to where I sit in the pit.) Do you have your tickets yet?