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For your listening pleasure (and thanks Bob Hubbard, for bringing this to my attention … what fun!):

Akropolis is Tim Gocklin (oboe), Kari Dion (clarinet), Matt Landry (saxophone), Andrew Koeppe (bass clarinet) and Ryan Reynolds (bassoon)

YouTube Notes:
Arranged by Akropolis’ bassoonist, Ryan Reynolds, Variations on “America” explores several styles of music, all based on a familiar patriotic theme. This work has been set for several instrumentations, including symphonic orchestra, wind band, and originally, organ. The reed quintet allows for additional exploration into unique colorations and textures. We hope you enjoy our take on this fun, late 19th century romp!

Special thanks to the Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library for donating their beautiful space, and to Ray Reynolds for operating our third camera.

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