I just received an email to judge an online music competition. (The site suggests it’s too expensive for many to travel to competitions, so this saves that expense.) I doubt very much the group knows who I am, whether I am competent or not, or anything about my teaching. It is addressed to “Dear Teacher”. If this is how a competition is run would you trust it? I did check the website and it exists … doesn’t look to be a fake site. But really … anyone can audition for the $100 Paypal fee. And it looks as if anyone can judge.

I wonder why I’m leery.

(And don’t ask me what I think about competitions in the first place!)



  1. What, exactly, would the participants expect to get out of an online competition? Not the chance to be heard live, or to meet other musicians, or get feedback from a distinguished panel.

    It reminds me of some of the showcases I was offered when I first moved to NYC. All I would have to audition was pay $100 and they would put me in a showcase in front of “industry professionals.” Or there was one where participants had to sell 20 tickets at $25 each. They all sounded like scams and they were. A friend did one where “industry professionals” were not people who could help her career. They were likely recruited with letters to “dear theater professional.” No, actually, I think they were friends of the organizers. Either way, they were scams and I’m glad I didn’t wast my money.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Laurie, and I’m sure you are SPOT on.

    Odds are the majority who go for this don’t know any better and are just extremely hopeful, but unguided. I can’t imagine any teacher urging a student to do this.

    I might respond just asking for names. There wasn’t ONE name mentioned at the site. Absolutely no one!