25. February 2015 · Comments Off on Just Play · Categories: Reeds

So … have a bad reed?

Just play.


You will have bad reeds sometimes. It happens. Everyone complains about them. but JUST PLAY. Give it a go. Make them work. Whining does us no good (well, okay, sometimes it’s kind of fun) and makes others rather annoyed with us. Besides it sounds like we are just making excuses and it also makes us look rather unprepared. When I have only bad reeds in the case I don’t get to tell a conductor, “Sorry, but I have only bad reeds so I’m going to skip playing today.”

We just have to play.

Learn to play well on bad reeds. It can be done. It’s not a lot of fun to do it, but it’s good to have a flexible enough embouchure (and attitude) that you can deal when you open the reed box and find only the misbehaving sort residing there.

PS Playing sure is work sometimes, isn’t it?

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