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I always hesitate when I hear classical music of some sort is featured in a movie, and usually for one of the reasons Alex Ross mentions in his article. But then I read this:

I was happily shocked by an extended opera scene in the new Tom Cruise thriller, “Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation.” Early in the movie, we meet, or meet again, Benji Dunn, the charmingly jumpy tech whiz of the Impossible Mission Force. He is first seen playing the video game Halo on his computer terminal while blasting the “Marriage of Figaro” overture on headphones.

Hm. Might this get me to see a Tom Cruise movie?

Doubtful, but I’m tempted!

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oboes crack all the time. you look at an oboe funny and it’ll crack.

Lesson learned: never look at an oboe.

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From a biology textbook, from what one person wrote. Okay then …