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I just have to post this. Here is George conducting and Maria (his wife, for those who don’t know them) soloing. Makes me ache, but still, I want to post it … and again, I’m so grateful we have these videos with which we can remember.

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I love choral music. I wish I had a voice. I don’t. So I listen instead. That will do.

Warm summer sun,
shine brightly here,
Warm Southern wind,
blow softly here,
Green sod above,
lie light, lie light,
Good night, dear heart;
good night, good night.
Mark Twain’s eulogy to his daughter Olivia Susan Clemens,
March 19, 1872 to August 18, 1896
from: Susy and Mark Twain, Harper & Row Publisher, 1965, page 393.
(Read more about this here.