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If any readers see other articles or blog entries please do let me know. I guess reading these helps in some ways, even while I wish it wasn’t true. I’d like just one more concert ….

Midsummer Mozart Festival (Please note: Maria has requested that in lieu of flowers, to make a donation to the festival.

Symphony Silicon Valley (Wrong info about Midsummer Mozart … surely it’s more than 31 years old since it started before my oldest child was born!)

SF Gate (Kosman)

San Jose Mercury News (Richard Scheinin)

New York Times (Margalit Fox)

San Francisco Classica Voice (Janos Gereben)

Examiner (Stephen Smoliar)

Polyphonic.org (Robert Levine)

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I just read this online:

[Name deleted, starts with S and ends with R] Oboe with case, reeds, book, everything you need. – $385

Nice [Name deleted, starts with S and ends with R] Student Oboe

Rarely used (and I mean that) oboe is perfect for any student. Plays to a low B. Model 52221… selling on [Name deleted, starts with S and ends with R] site as model 1492B. It’s in great condition, serviced at [store name removed … why would they bother with the instrument, I wonder?] Music in [a city in Wisconsin]. All the keys work and the pads are in good condition. Comes with everything a student oboe player would need:

Hard Case
Two (2) reeds
Large and small cleaning swabs
Thumb protector
Cork Greese
Essential Elements Oboe book with CD and DVD
Don’t rent when you can own for less then one year rental fees.

My advice: Don’t buy when you aren’t getting a decent instrument!