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… this is not at all unusual for a musician. We frequently have overlapping work. This week, though, is a bit of a shocker for yours truly.

First of all, I’m just home from a week long vacation which included Death Valley. There is something about going out to that absolutely incredible place that does a number on my brain. (And at the moment I wish I could be right back there, aside from the fact that today it’s supposed to be around 100° at Furnace Creek!) Getting back to music is sometimes a challenge and I simply have to hunker down and face the fact that I won’t like the first sounds I produce.

Secondly, students started arriving yesterday (I did have Monday completely free which was good for my head, to be sure!), and they continue through the week. I only have seventeen, due to a few absences, but I think that’s plenty! I absolutely love teaching, but the first week after a vacation is a challenge because I have to focus so differently when I’m teaching.

Third, and this is the biggie, the two playing jobs I have are so vastly different! Opera San José, in which I play principal oboe, is doing Streetcar Named Desire. My part is full of high notes, and I’m really not a high note lover. Symphony Silicon Valley is playing the score to The Godfather (yes, with the movie) and I switch hats and play second oboe and English horn. Thursday and Friday I have opera, followed by students, and finally symphony. Talk about a crazy mix!

When I was younger I would have weeks similar to this while I was dealing with three children and their schedules, so this should seem like nothing, but I suppose my age is showing: I’m tired just thinking about it all!

Our production of Streetcar is directed by Brad Dalton and this video by Chicago Lyric Opera is, I believe, the same one we’ll be doing (although not with Fleming, of course). As you can see, the orchestra is on the stage. Hey … I want hair and makeup! 😉

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