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Do you remember when I blogged about bassist Jane Little, the musician with the longest professional tenure with a single orchestra? Well, sad news now: she collapsed on stage and died yesterday.

I hadn’t realized she had multiple myeloma until reading the article. I’m amazed that she could manage to get on stage at all.

The symphony did not provide a cause of death. Little had not been feeling well. She’s been undergoing chemotherapy for multiple myeloma, had missed the orchestra’s April concert in Carnegie Hall in New York, and told Russell Williamson, the ASO’s senior orchestra manager, during intermission at Saturday night’s concert that she felt weak and woozy. That night, violinist Ellie Kosek asked Little to call when she got home safely, which she did.

Little was not a physically imposing figure. She weighed 98 pounds and had battled through, in addition to the myeloma, a broken shoulder, elbow and pelvis in recent years. Last August, she fell and cracked her vertebra, leaving her unable to play.

But in February, after months of rehabilitation, Little took to the stage and passed the record set by Frances Darger, the Utah Symphony violinist who had retired in 2012 after 70 years of playing. Little took pride in her feat.

“I’d thumb through the Guinness book and say, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat?’” Little told The Post in February. “A lot of people do crazy things like sitting on a flagpole for three days. I just kept on. It was just me and the lady in Utah. So finally, I said, ‘I’m going to do this.’”

Though frail and injury-prone, the prospect of setting the record seemed to have helped keep her going, albeit not for every ASO concert. “I was competing with this woman out in Utah, who played 70 years, 69 of them with the Utah Symphony,” she told Atlanta Magazine. “When I heard she was retiring, I said, ‘I’m going for it.’”

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Pawel Bebenek: Agnus Dei
Warsaw-Praga Cathedral Choir; Pawel Lukaszewski

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John Tavener: The Lord’s Prayer
The Erebus Ensemble

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Someone posted this on Facebook and it’s too funny not to share.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.50.55 PM

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Frequently when my students are playing a work I’ll ask them what a term written on their part means. I then often get the answer, “I don’t know!” to which I reply, “Then how can you DO it?!” I write the word on their assignment sheet and they have to come to their next lesson with answer written down.

Yeah, I’m annoying that way.

Maybe learning this song would help some of them?!

Richard Genee: Insalata Italiana – parody of an opera scene, Op. 68
Ensemble of former members of the Dresden Kreuzchor

Piano, piano, dolce, soave ed amabile
Forte, piano, pianissimo
Venite gua
Forte, fortissimo, forte, piano,
Crescendo, stringendo, più mosso
Rinforzando, diminuendo
Decrescendo, morendo, smorzando.
Recitativo, O Dio, O cielo,
Coloratura, lo tremo.
A piacere, colla parte, fermata.
Lento, con espressione,
larghetto, sostenuto, ritenuto
Espressivo, ben marcato,
Pizzicato, arco, arco,
Precipitato, sospirando,
ritardando, arco.
Tra ta ta ta, suona la tromba
Tra ta ta ta, a la vedetta
Con fuoco, staccato
Assai scandaloso,
non più lamentoso.
Bravo, bravissimo,
sono contento!
Volti subito
Con rabbia, con furia
In tempo di polacca,
con impeto, con scandalo,
con grazia, con anima.
Agitata ta ta ta ta,
Più mosso stretto
Fine dell’opera.
Felicità, felicità.
Fine dell’opera.

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If you know Adele’s “Hello” … well … you’ll get it. If you don’t know that but are a reed maker, you’ll still get it. 😉

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Pilgrim Song, arr. Ryan Murphy
Northern Lights Chorale; Bruce Phelps, Director; Jodi Richert, Piano

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Something a wee bit different this morning, with this vocal group, which appears to be a combination of The Read Group and Rajoaton

All Creatures; Lyrics: St. Francis of Assisi; Arranged by Anders Edenroth

Music For Cats

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I just read this:

Police are trying to trace a driver who fled the scene after his car flipped onto its roof near Five Ways island.

Officers pulled over the driver of the car after they saw him throw a bottle out the window of his vehicle at around 1.20am.

But as police approached the vehicle the driver sped off.

Minutes later the officers caught up with the vehicle after it crashed on Islington Row Middleway, but the driver had already fled the scene.

Paramedics reported that loud classical music was being played loudly from the abandoned car.

I’m rather amazed the person could walk away! Check out the photos here.