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Just because … a little treat! (And a teaser, to be sure, as it makes me want more.)

From the YouTube Video:

New Arpeggiata album out 23 October, 2015.
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/amore-innamorato
In L’Amore innamorato Christina Pluhar’s ensemble L’Arpeggiata and sweet-voiced sopranos Nuria Rial and Hana Blažíková offer us a gem, a rarity that cleverly borrows the title of a mysterious opera by Cavalli, thought to have been lost or perhaps never premiered. Bonus DVD included.

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Last week was the final set for Symphony Silicon Valley. I might write more about my crazy brain and how I interpret what people say to me (REALLY crazy, I promise!), but for now I’m going to enjoy my one-day weekend (yes, Monday is my weekend). I will say I was pleased with the week, despite my being rather apprehensive about the somewhat large English horn solos I had. With Carlos Vieu at the helm the solos were less stressful than they might have been. I am already looking forward to his return next season. I played the orchestra-only works (well, except the encore, which I enjoyed from my chair on stage), but was able to simply sit backstage and wrap myself in the fabulous musicality of Jon Nakamatsu. What a joy to have him here … as always!

Aside from a set of July 4 concerts I have nothing for the summer when it comes to performing. I do have a lot of students, though: frequently students leave for the summer but for some reason I have a good number who are planning on continuing during these warm months. In addition I am teaching a 3 day reed making workshop. Fun times ahead!

But now? Now I think I’ll head out with a camera and my macro lens and see what I can find. Maybe even a butterfly or two … this song always makes me smile (despite the “tomorrow I’ll die” part, but that’s a part of life, so there you go!).