I wish I had a good voice. I would love to be able to sing in a choir. Sadly, my voice is less than stellar, so I listen instead, and I strive to sing through my instruments.

I landed here tonight and just love this:

Whom Will You Cry to, Heart? by Richard Burchard
Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, at California State University, Long Beach; CSULB Chamber Choir; Jonathan Talberg – Conductor

The text is from Rilke. (I don’t post texts if I don’t know about copyright status.)


  1. I am in the same boat: I can carry a tune and sing harmony but the quality of my voice is substandard for classical singing. I took up bluegrass playing 5 years ago and now sing lead and harmony on bluegrass songs, which has a different standard of vocal quality but puts more emphasis on singing style, which anybody can learn.

  2. Oh I love reading that, Dane! What fun!

    I grew up in a family that sang. A lot. I sing harmony … very seldom can I even manage to sing lead. It’s just not in my blood, I guess. I’m a mediocre (at best) tenor!