I have been a professional musician since 1975. I just want you to know. Perhaps I’ll pursue that botany degree now, though. I do love me some botany!

A recent ad that Wells Fargo put out there was, shall we say, a wee bit unfortunate. Or more than a wee bit. Sadly I have had parents who would agree: the arts are merely dreams and avocations and ways to get into the college of their child’s their choice. I have even had parents who will not allow their children to play their oboe once they get into college. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.36.15 PM

Okay, Wells Fargo has since apologized for their unfortunate ad. And I believe in forgiveness. I also know they have been generous in giving to the arts and I thank them for that!

Wells Fargo is deeply committed to the arts, and we offer our sincere apology for the initial ads … they were intended to celebrate the aspirations of all young people and fell short of that goal … We are making changes to the campaign’s creative that better reflect our company’s core value of embracing diversity and inclusion, and our support of the arts.

So there you go. Over ‘n out.

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  1. Yeah, they were “intended to celebrate the aspirations of all young people” but then they explicitly denigrated all artistic aspirations as childish things, to be put away once it was time for “serious” pursuits. Gonna take a whole lotta contributions to arts organizations to wash the taste of this away.