My friend — the fantastic oboist Mingjia Liu — has a company, MusEcho, that is making some wonderful reed making tools. He sent me some to try, and I’m mightily impressed! Below are images of these tools. Not only are they very high quality, but they are beautiful. Yes, I like things that look lovely!

Here is an image of what I received. He does have one more tool there — a twin splitter — but I don’t split my own cane, so I had no need for that.

Burnishing rod, ruler, knife and waxed thread:

The following links will take you to the page talking about the item.

The “Bev-LLow” knife feels fantastic in my hand! It is comfortable, a great weight, and works very well when carving. Look at that gorgeous wood and great sheath! Oh … and there’s a magnet in the sheath so you can attach your plaque. Handy!

This is waxed thread. Yes. Waxed. How cool is that? Read more about these spools at his site. VERY clever!

FINALLY! A gauge ruler for both left handed and right handed people! This is one brilliant ruler. Both sides are marked. I’ve been dreaming of something like this for a long time! And of course there’s the gauge to measure cane diameter. Handy!

The burnishing rod is a handy tool too: the magnetic rod fits inside its handle. This is not a lightweight tool, but I love it. And of course it’s also a lovely tool to look at … plus I love that it comes with a holder. I like my tools to be neat and tidy.


BRAVO, Minjia, and thank you so very, very much. These are fantastic!