20. October 2016 · Comments Off on Stressful Weeks · Categories: Ramble

I sometimes have a stressful week when it comes to my music making. This has turned into such a week, all because of a few simple measures. (The funny thing is it could change in a blink of an eye: so much depends upon my reeds and my confidence.) Practicing is, of course a very important part of dealing with such stress. But so is doing other things, including my walking. (I like to walk 6 miles in a day whenever possible.)

So today, prior to my jumping into the studio, I took such a walk. At one point I found someone staring at me. I think he was saying, “It’s not a life and death thing. Lighten up! Take time to smell the roses.”

Or maybe he was suggesting eating the roses. You choose. 😉

Green on Red, 10.20.16


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