25. October 2016 · Comments Off on iPads and Music Reading · Categories: Ramble

I was just watching and listening to a YouTube video of a choir. (I’m forever in awe of people with good voices!) Out of the large group one person was using an iPad rather than a folder with hard copy music. I’m really a fan of using less paper, and I’m all for electronic devices, as everyone who knows me knows (I don’t take a church bulletin and, instead, use the pdf I’m sent from church so I don’t have any paper to toss).


(You knew it was coming, right?)

Hers was the only face lit up with that iPad bluish light. It was on her face and reflected in her glasses.

There are other issues with our electronic devices of course: what if they malfunction? Notes don’t disappear off a printed page, but an electronic device might have a glitch and then one might be a wee bit lost! What if the user neglects to turn off the sound and an Amber alert comes blazing through? What if the user drops the thing and all is lost?

Just some thoughts. I think we are in for more electronics on our stands or in our hands, and I’m open to it, but there are a few issues that might need to be worked out.

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