15. November 2016 · Comments Off on Music For Mourning · Categories: Ramble

I’ve never posted about politics on this oboe blog: I know my readers come from around the world, and I know those in the states may have different views. I want to write about music. I really do. But today I can’t remain silent.

I’m horrified that we have elected who we elected to be our commander-in-chief. The things he has said are simply unacceptable in my opinion. The racism is abominable. The sexism extreme. Our environment is now in great danger of destruction. So, in fact, is not only our nation but our world. The hatred so overwhelming it breaks my heart. I can’t remain silent.

And yes, sometimes I wish I could “cross over into campground” although I feel uncomfortable “stealing” a Spiritual from those who have been so very abused and struggled for freedom that still doesn’t seem to be in their grasp.

Performed by Stellenbosch University Chamber Choir under the leadership of Martin Berger. (Sadly I don’t see the clarinetist named on the YouTube page.)

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