This time a bit ‘o Bach with Robert Walters on English horn and Noam Elkies on harpsichord.


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  1. I found was that this sonata *isn’t* the Sonata BWV 1027 (for viola da gamba) as identified on YouTube, nor any of the other da gamba sonatas (BWV 1028 and BWV 1029).

    I have a friend who is somewhat of a Bach expert, and the first thing he told me is that it probably isn’t JS Bach, more likely CPE Bach, many of whose works are attributed to Johann Sebastian. My friend then identified it as the Sonata for flute and violin, BWV 1038. Interestingly, they put the top, flute line in the harpsichord, and the EH plays the violin part. Lastly, they lowered the key to F to put it into a better EH range.

    A version of it is available at TreyCo Varner, scored for oboe da caccia (also in F) that would work on English horn, and possibly the score Mr. Walters uses here.