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Such beautiful sounds and musicality from these two men!

So here are two fabulous oboists sight-reading. Notice, students, that they DO have to stop. Even the top folks, when sight-reading, might make a blunder or two. They go on. They continue to make incredible music. They don’t give up and say, “Never mind!” or “I can’t do this!” (And I’m betting you they also don’t say, “I always make that mistake” when they play things they already know!)

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“How many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn’t see?”

(I’m not all about classical music and oboes, after all!)

I will confess that I miss the original, simply sung protest songs, but when younger people sing them I will take them ANY way I can.

Think. Speak up. Don’t look away.


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Yes, another “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” … but in the original language.

The Gesualdo Six | Owain Park