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When I was a young musician, just starting out with San Jose Symphony in 1975, I looked forward to being older, thinking that I’d no longer get nervous and things would be so much easier. In some ways it is easier: I know the music, I know what to expect, for the most part. I know the possible “potholes”. But the reeds are still reeds. The nerves are still nerves. And, knowing more sometimes even means I’m more nervous about certain works. Especially if it’s a work I’ve had trouble with before.

Below is an interview with Liang Wang from last April, prior to his soloing on the Strauss with the New York Philharmonic. (This is the “extended version” … 24 minutes long.)

I love the “different each time” bit! Of course after doing something like Nutcracker a billion times it’s a bit impossible to find a new “different”! 😉

… and students and parents, listen to the bit about practice!

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