16. February 2017 · Comments Off on Jumping into the Pit · Categories: Opera, Ramble

Last week was a week I will be happy to forget. I haven’t been so very sick in a long time. Today it’s almost as if it never happened, as I feel just fine. What a relief.

I’m apprehensive, but today I go back to play in Opera San José‘s Silent Night. I played three of the six rehearsals. They had to have two subs come in for the two shows last weekend, so I still played more rehearsals on principal than they did, but I never was able to do a straight run through. I’ve been working on it all week long, of course, but in order to be sure I understand the “lay of the land” as you might call it, I just played the entire DVD and played along with it. That can be a challenge with an opera that has such varying tempi and isn’t as straight forward as older operas. The conductor will be greatly appreciated (and closely followed) tonight!

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