06. March 2017 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I finally went to see the eye doctor today. My eyes have been bugging me for a while, and in order to focus I have to work rather hard, it seems. Much of the time I’ve just been giving up and not bothering to focus at all. (No, not while driving or playing music … promise!) In addition, I’ve not really been able to see the conductor using my music/computer glasses and just accepted that as the new normal. I finally decided there really has to be a better solution.

Hm. The new solution means I have THREE pair of glasses. The first pair, and the one I was willing to spend more money on because of that, is my every day progressive set. The second will work, I’m hoping, for the conductor and music issue. The third are computer glasses. I can use those while teaching, but they don’t work when a conductor is up front.

The fun thing (sort of) is getting new frames (as long as I like them). I think I have some fun ones this time.

The BETTER thing is that I have 30 days to decide if I don’t like any of the frames and can switch them out for free, and I have a whopping 90 days to make sure the prescriptions are working okay.

The bad but “it is what it is” thing is the cost. But when vision is a major issue for one’s professions (if I dare include my photography together with my music and make that plural) the cost is just something one has to accept.

Stay tuned for updates when I get the glasses in and start trying them out. Sadly I have to wait around two weeks, but I’m sure the time will fly by. It seems to do that these days.


  1. I just had the same type of appointment. Just couldn’t read music on the stand with the progressives. What I ended up with was contacts for distance, and then low powered readers for music/ computer and stronger readers for actual reading. So have to look over the readers to see the conductor, but in one of the three groups I play in I am in the front row so can’t miss the conductor there.

  2. They didn’t suggest contacts, and I’m just not up for giving them a go any longer: I wore hard lenses for MANY years, and later moved to soft. They just never worked for me. Now I think I’m too lazy to try! 🙂