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Sorry this is late! I forgot to hit post, I guess.

Rudolf Mauersberger: Wie liegt die Stadt so wüst
Windsbacher Knabenchor

How lonely lies Jerusalem,
once so full of people!
The city gates stand empty,
the stones of the holy place lie strewn
upon the grass before it.
He sent fire from above,
a fire that burns inside me.
Is this the city of which they say,
it is the most beautiful of all,
over which the whole country rejoices?

She did not think
that she would come to this
Her downfall was terrible;
no one can comfort her.
This is why we are sick at heart
and can hardly see through our tears.

Why have you abandoned us so long?
Will you ever remember us again?
Bring us back to you, Lord,
so that we may come home.
Bring us back!
Restore our ancient glory.
Lord, see my misery
O Lord, see my misery.

(Lamentations: 1/ 1,4,13; 2/ 15; 1/9; 5/ 17,20,21,1)

19. March 2017 · Comments Off on Sunday Morning Music · Categories: Sunday Morning Music

Anton Bruckner: Christus factus est
Thomanerchor Leipzig; Fabian Enders, Conductor