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From the YouTube page:

Please share this video to help The Tallis Scholars celebrate the 500th Anniversary on Sunday 26 March 2017 of Heinrich Isaac. The music is the first part of Isaac’s majestic ceremonial motet “Virgo prudentissima”. Our aim is for as many people as possible to listen to Isaac’s music on the exact anniversary of his death. The Tallis Scholars’ album of music by Isaac can be downloaded from iTunes and streamed on Apple Music and Spotify, just search for “Heinrich Isaac”.

… and yes, this composer is new to me.

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I found this moving … and would wait until evening to post, but it does end with the request for morning, so I’m using that as my excuse to post now. (You might have to turn up the volume … I did.)

Kärt Johanson arr P. Uusberg: Õhtu ily
E STuudio Youth Choir (Estonia)
Conductor Eliisa Sakarias

This translation was provided by Jennifer Runner:

Already the sun is being hidden,
The moonlight is being stolen.
Who hides the sun from us,
Who steals the moonlight?
God hides the sun from us,
The Creator* steals the moonlight.
Let the blessed morning come,
Let the sun rise over the forest.
I sing, the table bends* down,
Behind the house the oak bends,
Beside the well the birch bends,
Above the garden the bird’s perch bends.
Joy is heard all the way to Hiiumaa,
The glow all the way to Courland*,
Pleasure across our land.
Let the blessed morning come,
The sun rise over the forest.?