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I’ve recently had very little to post here. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I have NO playing work this summer, which is a first for me. I never have much — I never managed to break into the summer festival circuit — but this year it’s a big fat zero. I do have my lovely students, thank goodness, but other than that it’s just an empty calendar. I’m hopeful this means I’ll have time to get my house organized. It could happen.

But house organization or not, I DO have time to search out music, and here is another choral work that just touched my heart. I hope it touches yours as well.

Kim André Arnesen: Flight Song Text by Euan Tait
St. Olaf Choir; Anton Armstrong, Director

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Because I think this is beautiful.

Pearsall: Lay a Garland

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Read online:

Oboe – Selmer – Great Condition – $800

Oboe for sale. Hard case included. Used by student for a few years, who is no longer in band. Paid $1,000 for this name-brand, quality instrument, and would like it to continue being used by someone interested.

If you have a student who will be starting to play this summer or fall, this instrument will be great for them.

Only serious offers please.

Cash only.

I just love the “name-brand” bit: yes, it has a brand. Yes, that brand has a name. “Quality” though? Um. Doubtful.

Oh … and yes, that brand name is known to be awful.

But hey, it’s only $800.

You get what you pay for. I try very hard to get parents and students to understand that. It’s not always easy.

(Side note: the image shows the top joint placed UPSIDE DOWN in the case. Hah!)