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Michael Tilson Thomas will step down as music director of the San Francisco Symphony at the end of the 2019-20 season, marking the end of the longest and arguably most significant chapter in the orchestra’s 106-year history.

Since taking up the position of music director in 1995, Thomas has overseen a remarkable transformation that has vaulted the San Francisco Symphony to a central position among the top orchestras of the United States and given it a distinctive profile on the international stage.

The move, announced to the orchestra on Tuesday, Oct. 31, is scheduled to coincide with both the end of Thomas’ 25th season at the organization’s helm and his 75th birthday in December 2019. He will remain with the Symphony in the newly created post of music director laureate, conducting at least four weeks each year and undertaking a variety of special programming projects.

“I guess part of my decision was just a matter of thinking in round numbers,” Thomas said in a phone interview. “I’ve been very pleased to see the development of the music making in the orchestra, and particularly the amazing quality of the new members coming in. So I’m taking this step with a lot of confidence in my colleagues, and a sense of satisfaction at the direction of this journey we’ve taken together.

“But in the big picture of my personal life, I’m looking forward to having less responsibility, and more time to devote to other projects — even ones not necessarily having to do with music.”


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Calixto Álvarez: Lacrimosa, Requiem Osún
Grupo Vocal Kromátika

Full of tears will be that day
When from the ashes shall arise
The guilty man to be judged;
Therefore spare him, O God,
Merciful Lord Jesus,
Grant them eternal rest. Amen.

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Purcell: Hear My Prayer
Portland State University Chamber Choir

D minor Marcello … for two guitars. And they are awfully good! Bravo!

Henderson-Kolk Duo

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Imants Raminsh: Ubi caritas
Emila Darzina jauktais koris (Lativa)

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… but posted on Sunday anyway, because I just watched it and enjoyed it.

Paradox is John Marshall and Lynne Feller-Marshall

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Mendelssohn: Der zweite Psalm
The Concordia Choir of Moorhead, Minnesota; Rene Clausen, Conductor

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Richard Woodhams, the Philadelphia Orchestra’s celebrated principal oboist for four decades, has decided to retire. Woodhams plans to play through the orchestra’s 2017-18 season, including summer concerts, and then step down, an orchestra spokeswoman said.

“I think I am still playing well and am in good health, and I think that’s the right time to do this sort of thing for me. It was pretty simple,” said Woodhams. “That’s basically my rationale. I’m 68 years old, and all good things must come to an end. When you play a piece of music, you want a nice beginning and a convincing ending. I just thought it was a good time to move on.”


He joined Philadelphia in 1977. That’s one mighty fine and lengthy career! Congratulations, Mr. Woodhams!

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I’m sure I’ll feature this Voces8 video on my Sunday Morning music soon, but I’m just so darn excited to know I’ll be hearing them live this coming Monday I have to share this now as well.

Because beauty.

VOCES8: Beati Quorum Via – Charles Villiers Stanford

“Blessed are those who walk undefiled in the name of the Lord.”

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Because this:

Buxtehude: Abendmusik
Ensemble Masque & Vox Luminis

Side Note: The vocal group, Vox Luminis, is asking for financial help, if you are able and care to give: