Okay … THIS.

This video makes me smile and smile, and that is something we all can use right now, I think. What sweet music making by these young girls! (The video is from August 2016, so I now must go look for more!)

From the YouTube page:
Tomaso Albinoni Concerto for 2 oboes opus 9 no 3 in F major – First Movement – ABRSM High Achiever Concert 2016 HK

young oboe duet player – Wong Sa Wong Si
Pianist – Ms Lai Bo Ling (trio)
@DBS Hong Kong


  1. Adrienne Balderson

    How ABSOLUTELY JOYFUL!! Thank you for sharing this gem when much needed. Kindest regards from Edmonton Alberta Canada. MORE LOVE LESS HATE?

  2. I’m delighted to read your comment Adrienne. Thank you!

    Yes, joyful indeed. And I’m all for more love and less hate. And changes. We need some major changes here in our country. But I will hang on to beauty, even as I weep for the current state of affairs here.