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There was controversy when no first prize was given to these three oboists (all were awarded second). I am not going to give my opinion on this, but just share their final performances. Because I can. But oh the booing when Elaine Douvas announced (Go to 1:10) that all were being given that second prize!

Jury: Elaine Douvas (Chair), Washington Barella, Nicholas Daniel, Christoph Hartmann, Louise Pellerin, Jorma Valjakka, Paulus van der Merwe

For the semi finals they played the Mozart. If you click through I’m sure you’ll see the links.

Kindly refrain from doing any critiquing (of either the oboists or the committee) in the comments here. This is just a share and nothing more. (Do I prefer one over another? Well … one always has a fave, right? Or at least nearly always.)

But what fine playing by all, and of course I’m impressed by their memorization.)

Juliana Koch (Germany) (audience prize)

Kyeong Ham (South Korea)

Thomas Hutchinson, (New Zealand) (prize for best performance of the new composition)

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